Ithakisios cave

Ithakisios grotto. In this rock cavity, at a height of 1,680 metres lived before the war for 20 summers, the painter Vasilis Ithakisios who died in 1977 in a nursing home in Athens. He lived from the paintings of the landscapes of the worshiped mountain which he sold to the mountaineers.

Naoum caves

One of the routes towards the Megala Kazania sets off from Kokkinoplos, one of the highest in altitude villages of Mt. Olympus (1.150 meters). Once there, one can follow the dirt road towards Xerolaki which leads to the Naoum caves. These are pit-caves formed on the mountain’s slopes, which can be used as emergency shelters during severe weather.

Stefani peak

Stefani. Its top is only 8-m under the one of Mytikas (2,909-m. altitude).

Enipeas Gorge

The Enipeas canyon, the largest of mount Olympus, combines imposing rocks with spring tides and woods.
The Enipeas riverbed carries abundant water throughout the year. According to the ancient Greeks, the Pimpleids muses use to live in its bed and on its woody sides. They were named after the town of Pimpleia, which the archaeologists situate at the beginning of the gorge.

Gorge of Orlia

Orlias Canyon is the paradise of Olympus. The road route is short and easy, starting from Dion and leading to the chapel of Agios Konstantinos, which is where the hiking through the canyon begins. Amidst the luscious vegetation, wonderful waterfalls cascade from the slopes, forming pulpits with crystalline waters gliding amidst the rocks, making this a perfect opportunity for leaping and frolicking in the water, not to mention for shooting one-of-a-kind photos! Towards the midst of the canyon, the stunning 20-meter-high “Red Rock” waterfall is an awesome sight of unearthly beauty.

Panteleimona beach

As the Castle of Platamonas stands imposingly right above it, the spectacular beach of Panteleimonas with its lush vegetation and crystal-clear waters attracts thousands of visitors from Greece and abroad. Featuring a well-organized infrastructure, the area has a large selection of hotels, lodges, water sports, cafes, bars and seafood taverns; in short, all that’s needed for a carefree vacation.