Christos Kakalos Refuge

The Plateau of the Muses is dominated by the refuge “Christos Kakalos” at an altitude of 2,650 meters. Its name honours the first guide of Olympus and conqueror of the mythical mountain, Christos Kakalos. Kakalos accompanied the first conquerors of Olympus, the Swiss Frederic Boissonas, a famous photographer and publisher, and Daniel Baud-Bovy, author and art critic, who reached the highest peak of Olympus on August 2, 1913.

Dimitrios Boundolas Refuge | Stavros

Dimitrios Boudolas refuge is built at an altitude of 930-m, at the location Stavros, 9-km from Litochoro on the road to Prionia. It is the lowest and most accessible to Olympus excursionists. Further up, after the crossroads, starts the pathway to the Muses Plateau through Petrostrouga.

Prionia Refuge

The site Prionia (Saws) (altitude 1100), which took its name from the old woodcutting watersaws, is the main starting point for the ascent to the peaks. In summertime, the wooden shelter hosts a coffee shop and a plain restaurant that serves a very tasty bean soup. The motorway starting from Litochoro also ends at Prionia.

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