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Jun 30 2024


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Kopsi ton Aeton (Eagles’ Ridge) 2024

he “eagles’ ridge” is the most beautiful walking route through the gorge of Enipeas, since it crosses the entire ridge of Zilnia, where the visitor can admire the unique view of the gorge of Enipeas and the flight of the eagles that often appear there. The route starts, following the international path E4, from Prionia and descends along the Enipeas river. Passing beautiful wooden bridges, the route reaches the first support point, the monastery of Agios Dionysios.

Just before the monastery bridge, leave the E4 path and head straight and NOT right at the wooden bridge and for 1Km move very close to the river banks on the right on soft ground. On reaching the ¨sara¨ our path climbs left alongside the rocks for about 200m. Immediately after this uphill we meet a crossroads, we turn left uphill for 4Km until we reach the place called “Chantolia”. The route on this section is on soft terrain with up and downs with characteristic clearings and great views at the bends. Then after about 1Km downhill we reach the forest position “Zilnia” where the Station (“Zilnia”, altitude 660m) is located.

After “Zilnia” the path continues downhill. After 300m, at the fork we take the left path that is before the “Huta field” place. The gentle downhill continues with several openings, where the athlete can see the wonderful view to Litochoro, Thermaikos and of course Mount Olympus. Then we proceed to a clearing with flat, grey-white slabs, we continue through already dense long vegetation passing by the “Samouil estate” and enter the “Kouvari” area. The gentle downhill continues on soft terrain and soon leads us to a small metal footbridge, we cross across. We have now covered 68Km.

At the exit of the bridge we take the left (eastern) leg of the trail, which moves smoothly into a hiking trail and slowly after about 700m we meet the first houses of Litochoro. Entering the asphalt part, we see a “Green Bridge”. There we are now in Litochoro. We head left and UP the bridge on a very slight uphill climb. The last 2km are inside the settlement of Litochoro. After about 400m we pass the square “Chorostasouli”, the historic 1st Primary School and the church of Agios Dimitrios, to descend to the central square with the fountain and after 300m we reach the park of Litochoro, where the finish.

It is generally a gentle route that will offer walkers and mountain runners unique views of the Enipeas gorge and the peaks of Mount Olympus.

On Sunday morning, the athletes will be transported by bus from the Municipal Park of Litochoro to “Prionia” and there the start will be given.

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