Cave of Agios Dionysios

Following Ε4 and leaving behind Palaia Moni, the monastery of Agios Dionysios, we reach Holly Cave, the saint’s hermitage, visited by many pilgrims within a year.

Profitis Elias peak

The highest worship place of Greece is the stone tabernacle of Profiti Elia on the so-called peak of Olympus, at 2.803m height. It is a small, one-space church which, according to the tradition, was built by St. Dionysus in the 16th century, and every July, on the celebration day of the Prophet, monks of the neighbouring monastery go up to the peak and have a Mass. Although no archaeological relics have been found, it is believed that the church was built on an ancient top sanctuary, as there was one on the opposite peak of St. Anthony.

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