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Jun 29 2024


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Olympus Ultra 2024

The Olympus Ultra is an ultra-distance mountain running race on Mount Olympus, which has a length of 71km with an altitude difference of +5550m and is one of the most difficult races in Greece.
This year Olympus Ultra will be held for the 4th time. The start will be at 00:00 midnight on Saturday 24 June 2024 from the Archaeological Park in Dion. The lowest point of the race is at 3m from sea level and the highest at 2910m.

Athletes have the opportunity to enjoy the route which passes through many beautiful and impressive points, such as passing through Papa Rema, climbing to the peak Barbala at 1840m in the early morning hours with a fantastic view to the North side of Mount Olympus, climbing through Xerolackki, the largest stream of Olympus, and then to the second highest peak of Olympus, Scholio, at 2910m, a persistent descent to Prionia, and up and down through the gorge of Enipeas next to the crystal clear icy waters of the river.

In fact, the race route goes around the highest peaks of Mount Olympus, offering a unique experience for those who will take part in the race.

Last year the route has been partially changed due to a Presidential Decree for the protection, conservation and management of nature and landscape as a natural and cultural heritage of Olympus.

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