Panteleimona beach

As the Castle of Platamonas stands imposingly right above it, the spectacular beach of Panteleimonas with its lush vegetation and crystal-clear waters attracts thousands of visitors from Greece and abroad. Featuring a well-organized infrastructure, the area has a large selection of hotels, lodges, water sports, cafes, bars and seafood taverns; in short, all that’s needed for a carefree vacation.

Litochoro beach – Plaka

Plaka is a natural cove and is known as the harbour of Litochoro. Its long-stretching pebbly beach surrounded by natural rocks and shady plane trees compose an impressive picture.


Platamonas is a modern holiday resort that attracts thousands of tourists and visitors. It combines beautiful beaches, rich vegetation, historical monuments, many springs and an impeccable accommodating infrastructure. Little taverns by the sea or under shady plain trees that touch the waves make the stay in Platamonas, the oldest summer resort in southern Pieria, very pleasant.

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