Archaeological Museum of Dion

The Archaeological Museum of Dion, inaugurated in 1983, offers a thorough picture of the daily life and culture of the inhabitants of ancient Dion, from the Iron Age (1000-700 BC) to the early Christian centuries. The exhibits originate from the archaeological area of Dion and the wider area of Pieria. The three rooms of the museum feature grouped exhibits such as statues, tomb sculptures, architectural members, inscriptions, vessels, mosaics, coins and other items found mainly in the wider area of Dion. In the spacious ground floor, there are findings from the Roman baths and the sanctuaries of Demeter and Isis. The visitor can also admire an exquisite finding dating to the 1st century BC, a unique musical instrument of antiquity, the famous hydraulis (water organ) of Dion, brought to light during archaeological excavations in 1992. The bronze tubes of the instrument and the entire sound-producing system have survived.

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