Mouson Plateau

The Muses Plateau. It is the name of the uneven but yet serene plateau south-west of Profitis Elias top.

Christos Kakalos Refuge

The Plateau of the Muses is dominated by the refuge “Christos Kakalos” at an altitude of 2,650 meters. Its name honours the first guide of Olympus and conqueror of the mythical mountain, Christos Kakalos. Kakalos accompanied the first conquerors of Olympus, the Swiss Frederic Boissonas, a famous photographer and publisher, and Daniel Baud-Bovy, author and art critic, who reached the highest peak of Olympus on August 2, 1913.

Giosos Apostolidis Refuge

Located on the Muses plateau, at an altitude of 2.697 m, it constitutes the starting point for conquering Mytikas, the highest peak of Mt. Olympus, and the peaks Profitis Ilias and Stefani. Climbing enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite adventure on the steep slopes of Stefani and Skolio. The refuge can host up to 80 persons, featuring a fully-organized kitchen, restaurant, lounge with fireplace, enclosed balcony with sofas and tables on the upper floor, landline phone and toilets. The shelter’s water is not drinkable, yet bottled water is available from the kitchen. During the winter season, the refuge’s outside area remains open in order to serve as an emergency shelter.

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