Petrostruga Refuge

Petrostrouga refuge is nestled in the midst of a magnificent forest of beech and centuries-old pine trees at an altitude of 1.925 meters. The path leading to the refuge sets off from Gortsia, which is accessible from Litochoro by road. With a beautiful view of Litochoro, this refuge can accommodate up to 74 persons and is equipped with a fully-organized kitchen, restaurant, fireplaces and wood-burning stoves in every room, while there’s also an emergency heliport nearby. Within a 20-minute distance, one can visit the cave inhabited for a great number of years by the renowned Greek painter Vassilis Ithakisios, who derived his inspiration from the majestic scenery of Mt. Olympus. Moreover, climbing enthusiasts are sure to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences on the nearby ascending excursions.


The site Prionia (Saws) (altitude 1100), which took its name from the old woodcutting watersaws, is the main starting point for the ascent to the peaks. In summertime, the wooden shelter hosts a coffee shop and a plain restaurant that serves a very tasty bean soup. The motorway starting from Litochoro also ends at Prionia.

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