Oikonomios School | Tsaritsani

The Oikonomios School was founded in 1790; significant personalities taught there such as K. Koumas, D. Pezaros and Konstantinos Oikonomou Ex Oikonomon.Konstantinos Oikonomou was born on 27 August 1780 in Tsaritsani. His scholarly father taught him the holy scriptures and the Greek and Latin language. He was taught French by Zisis Kavras. He was an excellent writer, teacher and orator. Konstantinos Oikonomou wrote the eulogies for the Patriarch from Odessa, and for Theodoros Kolokotronis. He was a prolific writer. Some of his manuscripts, however, went missing in Constantinople after the persecution of 1821. When he was in Russia, still at an early age, he became fluent in the Russian language and published a paper on the relation between Russian-Slavic and Greek. He was a member of the imperial Academy of St Petersburg and a corresponding member of the Berlin Academy. He died in Athens on 9 March 1857.

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