Olympus Ski Center (Vrysopoules)

The Vrysopoules Ski Center (Vrysopoules) belongs to the Greek army and is the only ski resort on Olympus. It was established in 1934 and has been used for training Greek army officers since 1960, at an altitude of 1.805 m, over the “Mavratza” gorge on the southern side of Olympus, we come across the Vrysopoules refuge. It’s located on the installations of the Military Alpine Combat and Ski Training Center (KEOAX). Visitors must show a valid identification form in order to enter, while overnight stays require special permission from the Special Forces Directorate. With a hosting capacity of up to 30 persons, the Vrysopoules refuge features a restaurant and is accessible by car, albeit all vehicles must be parked outside the military base. The Olympus Ski Center is still in operation on the premises of KEOAX. It features three slopes (red) with three lifts (two T-bar single seat lifts and one baby lift) whose use is provided free of charge to the public.

Olympus National Park Information Center

The first introduction to the mountain of gods takes place at the Olympus National Park Information Center, located in Litochoro. Through a plethora of digital images, exhibits, multimedia apps and slideshows, visitors can derive a wealth of useful information regarding paths and routes, data on landscape morphology, fauna, flora, climate, the history of the first ascent, etc. The center also provides, upon request, organized tours with its certified mountain guides.

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