Museum of Georgakis Olympios | Livadi

Giorgakis Olympios was born in Livadi in 1772 and lived until 1821. He was the ‘Apostle’ of the ‘Philiki Eteria’ (Society of Friends) in Serbia and took part in Ypsilantis’ movement in Moldovlachia. Giorgakis Olympios met with an honourable death during the siege of the Sekou Monastery, when he blew up the monastery’s bell tower. His home, in the village square, is today open as a museum where material related to the local folklore is collected.

Monastery of Agia Triada | Livadi

The Monastery of the Holy Trinity is situated near the village Livadi. The chapel of Agios Charalampos is an aisleless church with a gable roof and was renovated in 1761.

Folklore museum of Livadi

The Folklore Museum of Livadi contains numerous artifacts, old tools, photographs and objects reflecting the locals’ daily life.


The historical village Livadi is located on the slopes of Titaros at an altitude of 1181m and is surrounded by the mountainsides of Pieria, Olympus and Komvounia. It overlooks the peaks and slopes of Olympus to the east, while its horizon extends to Koziakas to the south and west. The landscape is enchanting and extensive reforestations have been made in the area around the small town. Livadi was founded in the 17th century and witnessed great economic and intellectual growth in the 18th century. Its people took part in all the revolutionary movements in the region of Olympus.

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