Tekke Hasan Mpampa | Tempi

The Mausoleum of Hasan Baba, in the village of Tempi, is an ottoman building constructed by the end of the 14th early 15th century.  The monastic complex of dervishes included apart from Hasan Baba’s mausoleum, a mosque and a dormitory. The monument, which was partially renovated, is not open to the public.  

Oikonomios School | Tsaritsani

The Oikonomios School was founded in 1790; significant personalities taught there such as K. Koumas, D. Pezaros and Konstantinos Oikonomou Ex Oikonomon.Konstantinos Oikonomou was born on 27 August 1780 in Tsaritsani. His scholarly father taught him the holy scriptures and the Greek and Latin language. He was taught French by Zisis Kavras. He was an excellent writer, teacher and orator. Konstantinos Oikonomou wrote the eulogies for the Patriarch from Odessa, and for Theodoros Kolokotronis. He was a prolific writer. Some of his manuscripts, however, went missing in Constantinople after the persecution of 1821. When he was in Russia, still at an early age, he became fluent in the Russian language and published a paper on the relation between Russian-Slavic and Greek. He was a member of the imperial Academy of St Petersburg and a corresponding member of the Berlin Academy. He died in Athens on 9 March 1857.

Tower of Mamtzios | Tsaritsani

The restored tower of Mamtziou, to the north-west of the village, is an old stone building which is 14m tall, and has a raised ground floor, basements and three floors, the last of which is double in size. The flooring is made of wooden boards and beams. There also used to be wooden staircases. In total there are 84 embrasures on all floors, which helped to repel the frequent attacks from Albanians, who came from the regions of Kolonia and Erseka.

Church of Panagia | Pythio

The church of Panagia at Pythio is a three-aisled basilica with a wooden roof, built in 1638. The church used to function as a monastery and is decorated with lovely murals. It is unique in that it has the only cyclical bell tower in Greece.

Church of Agia Kori | Vrontou

In a rocky cavern, near the monastery of Agia Triada in Vrontou, there is the chapel of Agia Kori, where there is also a spring-holy water, surrounded by an impressive scenery of shady trees.